What does the Irish Association for Palliative Care do?

Established in 1993 as an all island body with the purpose of promoting palliative care nationally and internationally, the Irish Association for Palliative Care (IAPC) is a multi-disciplinary membership organisation.

The membership reflects the entire spectrum of all those who work in or have a professional interest in the provision of palliative care. As a sole membership organisation for those involved in the provision of palliative care, the IAPC is the primary collective and expert voice for palliative care in Ireland.

The core objectives of the IAPC are to:

  • strengthen the capacity of the palliative care sector through developing the professional capacity of individuals
  • promote the palliative care agenda through the Association's collective and expert voice
  • drive patient-centred, equitable and accessible palliative care for all who need it through utilizing the Association's expertise to influence and shape national policy.

The Association pursues its objectives through providing structured opportunities for networking, sharing and learning, educational offerings, promoting evidence-based research, publications, representation on national bodies and influencing the development of national policy. Internationally it is strongly aligned with the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC).

Led by a Chairperson and the Board of Directors which is elected by the members, the Association is organized around a number of working groups and special interest groups designed to create forums for shared best practice and learning opportunities, and for members to further their professional development, education and research. The IAPC Working Groups inform the strategic direction and policy decisions of the Board, thereby creating a strong foundation for the IAPC's position as the primary collective voice for palliative care in Ireland.


The Association is supported by the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government, and the Programme, the Scheme to Support National Organistations 2016-2019.