Abstract Review Process

The final decisions of the abstract review group will be based on the assessments and recommendations made by all the abstract reviewers. All abstracts will be blindly reviewed by at least three reviewers taking the following criteria into account:

  1. Background - relevance of hypothesis or theoretical framework
  2. Aims and Objectives - clearly stated aims and objectives
  3. Methods and Methodology - Quality of method: sampling, data collection, analytical strategy, stringency of theoretical position, reference to relevant knowledge base etc.
  4. Findings and Results - clear presentation of results, statistical power, originality of reearch and application to palliative care practice etc. 
  5. Originality of research - all abstracts should demonstrate originality or provide stringency of arguments when repeating previous work
  6. Contribution to Palliative Care practice/policy - all abstracts should demonstrate a contribution to palliaitve care practice, policy or research work, or make a contribution to a relevant theoretical or methodological debate
  7. Conclusions - supported by the data presented, quality of interpretation of own work